Art biography Dušan Savković

Dušan Savković belongs primarily to the group of painters, sculptors, 
and artists from Novi Sad, who based himself on the positions of his
own experience, lyrical understanding of the world, life, and pulsations
of reality, which inevitably require innovations; overwhelming creativity.
Dušan Savković is consistent with his artistic games and his own
expression of darkening of the everyday radiant sky, nature, life... This artist inevitably tries to translate his aspirations into his own
poetics - the search for serenity, in a merciless world of roars, noises,
rushes, which persecutes itself; it denies itself. Spontaneous in everything that comes his way, despite everything,
this artist is consistent, and also special in all ideas of creative
work related to his observation and naked creativity. Dušan Savković, with his artistic projects of applied vocative speech,
once again undoubtedly suggests that the world is in a self-inflicted
slippage, an elusive blurred solitude and that nothing is spared for us,
but that we should not make peace with the existing. The need of every artist stems from his deep attachment to nature,
the flow of life, the land; Savković is aware of these inevitabilities,
and is accordingly oriented towards them; above all - to self and
nature: hence the need to merge with inseparable nature: sky and earth...
as well as self. The uniqueness today is in this senseless given, and
a place for a person to ask himself where the dehumanized sacredness goes,
I am working there, filled with creative depth. Savković tells us
that everything he creates is useful, we are all here, but his
hands are the longest, directed towards the cosmic horizon.
Rale Nišavić
writer and a journalist



Independent exhibitions
   "Portrait through Grimas", Academy of Arts, Novi Sad (2009)
   "Girl from imagination", Hall Gallery, Petrovaradin, (2011)
   "Wealth of Diversity", Danube Cluster Istar 21, Novi Sad (2011)
   "Dreams-New Reality", Multimedia Center A.U. Novi Sad (2013)
   "Dreams-New Reality", KCNS, Art Salon, Novi Sad (2014)
   "Images of Fantasy" K.C. Frolunda,Gothenburg, Sweden (2017)
   "It s not everything so black",KC Novi Sad , Small art salon (2018)
   "It s not everything so black",KC Vrbas,  Art gallery (2018)
   "It s not everything so black",National library,B.Palanka (2018)
   "Emotional fantasy", Gallery of KC ZR, Zrenjanin (2018)
   "Emotional fantasy" Gallery Most, ZKV, Novi Sad (2018)
   "Emotional fantasy", Art for everyone, Greek (2019)
   "Art for all", Street art, Kalifornia, Arizona, USA (2019)
   "Art Olimpia, Honorable mention (2019)
   "Where is Artist"?, gallery DKV, Novi Sad (2020)
    "Art Expo", Novi Sad (2020)
   "Art for all", Open gallery, BIH (2020)
   "Hold my hand",K.S. Svilara, Novi Sad (2020)
   "Playful laisure", Kuća Vojnovića, Inđija (2021)
   "Playful laisure", KC Laza Kostić, Sombor (2022)
   "Laureati 2023" ULUS, Belgrade 2023
    "Približavanje razgraničenosti" KCNS 2023
   "Puzzle", galery "Na štrafti", Novi Sad (2024)
Collective exhibitions
    Exhibition of photo, gallery "FKVSV", Novi Sad (2009)
   "In dialogue with Vazarelli", MSUV Novi Sad (2010)
    Final exhibition, Center of the Academy, Novi Sad (2010)
    Project "Death and Girl", Gallery of Matica Srpska (2011)
    Final exhibition of Academy, Gallery Matica srpska (2011)
    Association of artists Fractal ,"Stara kapetanija" Belgrade (2011)
    Nis Art Foundation, "Youth 2012", Nis, Belgrade (2012.)
   "Differences", KCNS, Factory, Novi Sad (2012)
   "Differences", KCNS, Factory, Novi Sad (2013)
   "Art for Youth", KCNS, Youth Council, Novi Sad (2013)
   "In the Heart of a Sajka", Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2013)
   "Ice Silence", KCNS, Youth Council, Novi Sad (2014)
   "Collection of decorations",Gallery Matica Srpska, Novi Sad (2014)
   "White Russia",  Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2014)
   "Belgrade Open Art", Cultural Center of Belgrade (2014).
   "Novi Sad Open Art", KCNS, Youth Council, Novi Sad (2014)
   "Novi Sad Open Art", KCNS, Youth Forum, Novi Sad (2015)
    Exhibition of the Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad (2016)
    New members of ULUS, "Cvijeta Zuzoric", Belgrade (2017).
    Spring exhibition of ULUS,"Cvijeta Zuzoric" Belgrade (2017)
   "Salon in October", Art Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzoric", Belgrade (2017)
    Art Salon "30x30", KCZR, Zrenjanin (2017)
    New members of ULUV, Gallery of members, Novi Sad (2018)
    Exibitions 30x30, Gallery 76, Belgrade (2018)
    Memorial Gallery "DUŠAN STARČEVIĆ", Sm. Palanka (2018)
    Exibition 30x30, KC Pančevo,Gallery of contemporary art (2018)
    Exibition 30x30, KC Novi Sad, Tribina mladih, Novi Sad (2018)
   "MINIATURES", internacionale art fest, Valjevo (2018)
    NAF, Niš Art Fondation, "Young 2018", Niš, Philip Morris (2018)
    NAF, Niš Art Fondation, "Young 2018", Belgrade, (2018)
   "Miniakt", Association "Široka staza", Belgrade, Japan (2018)
    Summer sale exhibition, KCNS,MLS, Novi Sad (2018)
   "UAE-Serbia Art Week", Gallery Parobrod, Belgrade (2018)
   "Bienalle Likovna jesen", Gallery of contemporary, Sombor (2018)
   "UAE 47 National day", Hyatt, Belgrade (2018)
   "100 years of ULUS" Art pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade (2019)
     Festival "Dev9t", Old brick factory, Belgrade (2019) 
   "Mala grafika", gallery La Vista, Novi Sad (2019)
    "Spring exhibition", ULUS, Belgrade (2020)
    “Despot, veliki –mali čovek”, galery Kvaka 22, Beograd (2020)
     “Annual exhibition of members SULUV”, Novi Sad (2020)
     “Magnovenje”-gallery Divart, Beograd(2021)
       Festival "Dev9t", old brick factory, Belgrade (2021)
     "Look at the unexpected", Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade (2021)
     "CAF", Art fair, Dorcol Platz, Belgrade (2021)
     "Bienalle of graphic", gallery La Vista, Novi Sad (2021)
      "Annual exhibition of members SULUV " Novi Sad (2022)
      "New Years sale exhibition", ULUS, Belgrade (2022)
      Spring exhibition, ULUS, Belgrade (2022)
      "Annuall exhibition of members SULUV", Novi Sad (2023)
      "CRVENO", sale exhibition, ULUS, Belgrade (2023)
      "Exhibition of award-winning authors of the spring exhibition", ULUS, (2023)
      Group exhibition" Likovni krug", KS Eđšeg, Novi Sad 2023
     Group exhibition of members SULUV, distrikt, Novi Sad (2024)
     Bukulja, galerija Nikola Radošević (2024)





 Projects, performances in public spaces

    Painting of the primary school "Slavko Rodić" (2010)
    Sports Center, mural, Petrovaradin (2012)
   Artist now, Novi Sad European Capital of culture (2020)


Professional residency abroad
     Italy, Venice Biennale 2011
     Sweden, Art fest 2017
     Hungary. Erasmus plus 2023
     France, Serbian kultural centre 2023
     UAE, Art hub Abu Dhabi 2024




  •     First prize for drawing, "Novkabel", Novi Sad (2002)
  •     First prize for the best idea, "Bogdan Šuput", Novi Sad (2003)
  •     Second Prize for Drawing, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad (2008)
  •      Praising of ULUS, Belgrade(2019)
  •     First prize, Spring exhibition of ULUS,Belgrade (2022)


Dušan Savković biography


Dusan Savkovic-Dukatti

Dusan Savkovic was born on July 30, 1984 in Novi Sad.
He finished elementary and high school in his hometown.
Graduated from painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad,
in the class of professor Jovan Rakidžić in 2011.
and master studies in 2013.
Completed his professional training for the Conservator-Restorer
of paintings and archaeological ceramics at the Museum of Vojvodina
 in Novi Sad in 2014. Has passed the State professional examination
and the title curator-painter.
Member of ULUS , SULUV-a and Likovni Krug. He has the status of
independent artist.
Realized about twenty solo exhibitions and participated in
over 70 collective exhibitions and humanitarian projects in many cities
of Serbia.
More publications. Many times awarded.
Images are found in private collections in the United States, Canada,
Sweden, Germany, Greece, UAE... and throughout Serbia.
Active participant of colonies in the territory of the Republic of Serbia
and author over a thousand painting and drawings, several sculptures, murals, icons, frescoes,
illustrations. He says about his art that is in the field of researching
relationships between people, placed in an imaginary space with the
roles of everyday man. Father of three girls,lives and works in Novi Sad.
  • Design School "Bogdan Šuput", Novi Sad, (1999-2003)
  • Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Department of Painting. (2007-2011)
  • Master of Painting, Academy of Arts Novi Sad (2011-2013)
  • Conservator-restorer, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2014)
  • State exam passed, title curator-painter (2014)
  • Member of ULUS and SULUV and Likovni krug.
  • Status of independent artist.